Contemporary Painter Artist in Abstract Art

A choice of colorful works of art with stylized flowers and imaginary landscapes that animate

your interior decor!

An artistic approach where nature is in the spotlight!

Morning freshness, the warmth of the sun, the scents of the flora... summer walks in my flower garden are inspiring for an artist who paints flowers!

Dominique Desmeules likes to create colorful and harmonious sets that represent either an imaginary landscape or a spray of multicolored flowers with a more abstract style that gives free rein to your personal interpretation as well as to your imagination. Freedom of the gesture painted on the canvas with colors, at first, treated in watercolor and, subsequently, it animates the whole with floral patterns, flat areas of opaque acrylic and/or collages of Japanese Chyiogami papers.

A pleasure every time thanks to the inspiration of my environment!

Abstraction is now part of his series of works following several years of pictorial exploration that result in abstract thought.His inspiration from nature thanks to his environment is integrated into this new exploration where the pleasure of painting is obvious.

An internationally recognized painter!

Dominique Desmeules, a floral painter who has worked in the visual arts since the beginning of the 90s, has been represented by international galleries since her beginnings as a full-time artist. Whether in Canada or internationally, it exhibits at international fairs and is part of several private collections around the world.

A patron from Singapore has a collection of six of her floral works for her gallery museum. She has also made several contemporary floral works commissioned by collectors from around the world.

The artist offers you the sale of his original works online as well as the possibility of buying internationally through the Saatchi virtual gallery (USA)