AAF Singapore

Published on 06/12/2016

Nice article from a singaporean lady who love the Artêria Gallery

Okay. My friends have already done a super job documenting the "crackle and fizz" of this fair. So I think I can take a more relaxed "smell the flowers" approac...h and just take a lazy stroll through ONE booth. This is Arteria Gallery, of Bromont, Canada, who have become friends. They are seasoned "AAF Singapore veterans" whom I've come to know and like over three editions of this fair.

 This is a gallery which punches well above the "weight class" of its home town of Bromont. According to Genevieve, the Canadian art market is a little sleepy. So what do they do? They have made themselves a high-quality fixture on the art fair circuit. HK, Singapore, Long, New York... you name it, they are there.

 By now I am confident enough to be able to say that their pricing is "very sensible". In fact, a local Singaporean artist -- a complete stranger whom I just kidnapped from the fair and lured into the booth -- studied the prices and said to Stephanie: "Aren't your prices... a little bit... conservative for this kind of quality... I mean, you can charge more for this..."


 Good news for the collector! I've tried to include shots of the prices as well, so that people can judge for themselves. After all, tomorrow the AAF is still on until 6.00pm. There is still time to buy, people! If you want to buy from Arteria, I'll be happy to do the bargaining for you (for the love of bargaining; I don't get any commission).

 I forgot to mention that those cheeky bronze statues in the booth are by Claire Poiré. The  colour works (peacock, tiger, etc) sell well at every single AAF. I love the "found art" brooding seascapes by Amelie Desjardins; you can pick up one of the small works -- each one a teeny-tiny window into a whole world of its own -- for $90 SGD plus GST. 

Dominique Desmeules is the artist responsible for the wonderful still lifes that I like to call her "squishy art" In act, she is one of my favourite artists and I have purchased a number of her paintings at previous editions of AAF.

 The Toronto cityscapes with plates of metal bolted and riveted onto resin have a presence of their own which has to be seen; my photos don't do justice. In my humble opinion, they really stood out in a fair that was BOILING with so many versions of cityscapes that I almost stopped noticing them. This artist definitely grabbed my attention, confidently, with that lively red.


 (((( I LOVE ART )))))

 (((( I LOVE ARTERIA )))))

 Thank you, Arteria Gallery, for all of the love you have given me. I didn't see as much evidence of people buying art during my walk-through today, but Arteria bucked the trend. Every time I made one round of the fair and went back to Arteria to check, they seemed to have sold something. Including that rather important work by Jessica Potenza; that horse is painted in... coffee extract!!!!!!