Dominique Desmeules inspired by her numerous trips and gardens

Born in Chicoutimi, on the banks of the magnificent Saguenay River. Dominique Desmeules was greatly influenced during her classical studies by an art teacher, Jean-Guy Barbeau, which led her to study art. After studying graphic design at the University of Quebec in Montreal, she acquired graphic design experiences in Vancouver and Paris for two years.

Back in Quebec, she continued to work as a graphic designer for a few years while taking care of her magnificent garden. Subsequently involved in the field of travel as a manager, she had multiple opportunities to travel around the world visiting fifty countries.

A growing passion for visual art

However, in 1990, her passion for painting became so strong that she decided to devote herself more and more to her art. Her works can now be found in several galleries across Canada as well as in Asia, Seoul and Hong Kong. Represented on the international market, Dominique Desmeules has had numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, London, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and many others.

Her internationally recognized works of art

She has had two solo exhibitions in Seoul and several of her works have been acquired by a sponsor in Singapore to be part of the collection of her gallery located in India.

She is one of the artists selected for a book entitled “The love of flowers” which was published in 2016 and published by Arabella publishing house. In addition, an 8-page article was devoted to him in 2011 in the “Artist to Discover” section by the same editors.

Her works have been published in several international fair catalogs and one of her works appeared on the cover of the announcement of the Los Angeles Art fair in California (2014)

She has participated in several group exhibitions in Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong and Quebec.

The work “Rivières tranquilles” is part of the “Contemporary Canadian Painters” collection at the Singulart gallery in Paris.

Some of his works of art can be found in renowned galleries

Gallery Roussil, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,

Gallery 500 Richelieu, La Malbaie,Charlevoix,Quebec, 

Matilda Swanson Gallery, Clarksburg and Stratford, ON, Canada,

St-Germain Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada,

Galerie L'art de vivre,

Saatchi Art,

Mondial Art Academy, France,

Heesu Gallery, Seoul, South Korea,

Atelier-Galerie Dominique Desmeules, Chicoutimi,


The public and private

collection Private Collection L. Hébert, Saguenay

Private Collection G. Gaudreau, Switzerland

Private Collection Marc Desautels, Chicoutimi

Private Collection, Curator Sharon GJ Ong, Singapore

Caisse Desjardins Signature Service, Roberval Branch, Canada

Caisse Desjardins Service Signature, Kénogami Branch, Quebec, Canada

Caisse Desjardins Service Signature, Chicoutimi Branch, Quebec, Canada

Office of the Federal Deputy, Chicoutimi, Quebec , Canada

Cain Lamarre Wells, lawyers, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

Dental center Marc Desautels, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

 Professional Group


MAA (Mondial Art Academy)